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In 2012, UCB helped 2.7 million people connect with God in a relevant way. Each day we hear from people whose lives have been changed by their interaction with God through our ministry.

God has given us a vision to significantly impact our nation through the range of very powerful ministry tools He has given to us. We’ve seen demand for God’s Word in the UK grow significantly; for example, calls to our Prayerline have increased by 312% since lines opened in 2004 and continue to rise!

To understand fully the extent to which God has used our ministry, take a minute to read our most recent Impact Report. You can find out more about some of our supporters who have been truly changed for good in a copy of our photo letter or on our testimonies page.

It’s only by God’s faithfulness and the loyalty of our supporters that we are able to make such an impact across our nation each and every day. Millions of lives have already been changed but there’s so much more to do! We need your help to ensure we are here for those who are desperately seeking for truth within our fractured nation. Please donate today.

2.7 million people reached, 3.3 million people to go!