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UCB 1 – music to your ears

Playing today’s Christian hits and making sense of the world around us.


UCB 2 – good for the soul

Praise and worship and so much more to bring you closer to God.



UCB has been involved in radio broadcasting since 1987.  Today we broadcast nationally to over 53 million people in the UK through DAB digital radio.  Our experienced team of presenters bring a fantastic mix of music, teaching and discussion to anyone interested in exploring Christian faith.



Provides an edifying mix of praise and worship music together with Bible-based encouragement. Although broadcasting across most of the UK on digital radio, fewer ‘transmitters’ meant about 15% fewer homes were able to listen to UCB 2 compared to UCB 1. Praise God that almost 4 million more people can now be reached by UCB 2!



UCB 2 has expanded!


Until recently, around 15% fewer homes were able to listen to UCB 2 compared to UCB 1 via digital radio, so this is such an answer to prayer.

In October 2018, new transmitters were ‘switched on’ in areas such as Devon, Cornwall, South Wales, North East Scotland, East Anglia and Kent. It means almost 4 million more people can hear God’s Word by tuning into UCB 2.

To find out if this includes you, don’t forget to rescan your digital radio. Here’s how.

Different DAB digital radios work in slightly different ways. Many people will need to press a button, or find an option in the radio’s menu, that called “Retune”, “Rescan” “Autotune” or something similar. You need to press that button or select that option. If you get an option to do a quick retune or a full retune, choose the full retune.

Use this postcode checker to see if you can get UCB1 and UCB2 where you are – now updated to include new transmission areas for UCB 2


Find out more

Current and new UCB 2 digital broadcast areas 

FAQs about UCB 2 

Listen on Digital Radio

You can listen to UCB 1 and UCB 2 on DAB radio (available nationally across the UK). Digital (DAB) radios are available (starting from around £30) from most electrical retailers and larger supermarkets. Unlike the older style analogue radios, they’re tuned alphabetically, so UCB 1 and UCB 2 doesn’t have a radio frequency. Plug in your DAB radio and scroll to the ‘U’ section until you find us. UCB 1 is available across the UK wherever there is a DAB signal UCB 2 is available across the UK, in most major cities and surrounding areas. Check the Postcode checker here (top right corner) to see which UCB stations you can get in your area: https://getdigitalradio.com

Smart Listen

You can listen live or on-demand to any of our stations on our UCB Player app. You can access more information about shows and presenters through the station pages above. You can also listen online via our website or by searching for any of our stations on online radio services like Radioplayer and TuneIn.

Alternatively you can also listen to UCB on a Smart speaker. Click here to see how to tune into UCB on an Amazon Echo.

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Download UCB Player
for your mobile device:


Man sitting at home using the UCB Player mobile app to listen to radio through headphones

Download UCB Player 

As the way we consume media changes constantly we know you want to listen to high quality, gospel centred content wherever you are.

What’s our aim?

We want to help you in your own walk as well as giving you the teaching you need to share your faith with others.

Lady out for a jog stops to listen to something captivating

We want you to be able to share content wherever and whenever you need to.
  • Need a conversation starter for a church small group? 
  • A short clip for a sermon?
  • Want to sit down and listen to some great in-depth teaching?
  • Struggling with a particular subject?

To support this UCB produces great content in house as well as working with churches, ministries and other channels to ensure there is content to listen to wherever you are on whatever device is best suited.

How do we do this?

  • Through the UCBPlayer app
  • Through social media, youtube, vimeo and on our website
  • Partnering with TBNUK

We’re always sharing great content on our social media platforms so if you’re not already there join us on facebook and twitter. You’ll see everything we share and you can join in some of the great conversations and competitions that are taking place.

For those of you always on the move we’ve created our mobile app UCBPlayer to let you take all our content with you, wherever you go UCB Player lets you watch and listen to great Christian radio and video on your phone and tablet. Listen live to UCB's radio and access exclusive on-demand content. Get exclusive previews of new programmes before they've been broadcast.

COMING VERY SOON: We look forward to developing UCB Player mobile and desktop versions to provide more content and easier acccess to all the great Christian tv and radio programming UCB offers!