Frequently Asked Questions

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What is UCB?

United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) is a leading Christian media charity that produces radio, TV and publications. Our mission is to offer every person, in every place, every moment of the day, the opportunity to hear, watch or read the Word of God in a relevant and engaging way.

Why has the way UCB broadcasts changed?

Quite simply, we want to reach more people with the amazing news of Jesus. The way people listen to radio and watch TV has changed dramatically in the past few years and we know it's important that we adapt to this and give people more ways to engage with us. The changes to broadcasting made in 2015 have helped us focus on new platforms and will mean that UCB's radio and TV is available to millions more homes in the UK. We're looking forward to hearing many more stories of lives changed and God at work!

Why can't I get UCB Radio or TV on Sky and Virgin Media?

From July 2015, UCB Radio and TV stopped being available through Sky and Virgin Media services. This was a decision taken by UCB because we were finding that more and more people were watching and listening to our stations through computers and mobile devices. In order to help with this transition, we invested in UCB Player - a new service that allows people to watch and listen to all of UCB's content, both live and on-demand. UCB Player gives us new opportunities to reach the huge proportion of the UK population that have internet access and allows us to offer features that were never possible via satellite and cable.

How can I listen to UCB 1, UCB 2 or UCB 3?

You can tune in to UCB Radio on your computer or mobile devices through UCB Player, or hear UCB 1 nationally on DAB radio. More details can be found on the UCB Radio page.

Why can't I listen to UCB 2 or UCB 3 on DAB?

Over the past few years, UCB 2 (formerly UCB Inspirational) and UCB 3 (formerly UCB Gospel) have both been available on DAB radio in some regions of the UK. Due to a change in the way that DAB broadcasts, most of these regions have gradually stopped transmitting. However UCB 2 will be part of a group of radio stations that will be broadcast nationally on DAB radio from early 2016. More details will be available closer to the time. Until then you can listen to UCB 1 nationally on DAB.

How can I watch UCB TV?

You can watch UCB TV live through UCB Player on your computer or mobile devices, or through TV Player on other internet-connected devices. More details can be found on the UCB TV page.

I have a Smart TV that is connected to the internet. How can I watch UCB TV?

Due to circumstances outside of our control, you are no longer able to access UCB TV on Freeview Channel 241. Alternative platforms will be available soon.

I have a TV and an internet connection. How can I watch UCB TV?

Check to see if your TV has an input on the back labelled 'HDMI'. If so, you can buy an Amazon Fire TV box or an Amazon Fire TV Stick, connect it to your internet and watch UCB TV by downloading the TVPlayer app.

If your TV doesn't have a HDMI connection then you won't be able to watch live UCB TV. However you can still see some UCB TV content on TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 or Sky Channel 582.

I have a TV but I don't have an internet connection. How can I watch UCB TV?

You will not be able to watch live UCB TV without an internet connection. However if you have Freeview or Sky, you can see some UCB TV content on TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 or Sky Channel 582.

Can I watch UCB TV on Freeview?

UCB TV is not broadcast on Freeview. However you can watch occasional UCB TV content through TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 (and Sky Channel 582). We're partnering with TBN as they pursue our common goal of making great Christian media available across the UK. More information about TBN is available at

Are you funded by the licence fee?

UCB is not funded by the TV Licence fee. We are a charity that is funded through donations from our supporters. The licence fee funds BBC programming, some local TV channels and broadband rollout. More information about the TV Licence can be found at the TV Licensing website. If you are able to support UCB's work you can donate online.

Can I advertise on radio and TV?

UCB is a non-commercial broadcasting company, so we don't have paid-for advertising on radio or TV. However we do use some of our broadcasting time to promote aspects of our own ministry and partner with other charities and organisations to provide them with a platform to promote their activities. Every partnership is different so if you'd like to explore the options please get in touch with the team at

Why does UCB broadcast on DAB rather than FM?

DAB digital radio offers a simple user experience and significantly more capacity for radio stations than traditional analogue radio broadcast. The government is looking to eventually switchover from analogue to digital and since UCB wants to broadcast radio for a long time, we need to establish ourselves within the new digital radio space. As a charity, UCB is also limited in the number of platforms we can afford to broadcast on and, since DAB access continues to grow across the UK, we feel it's a wise investment to include our radio stations on the DAB platform.

How can I connect if I don't have the internet at home?

Although millions of homes do now have internet access, we realise that not everyone does and, for some people, the internet is hard to navigate. You can still listen to UCB UK on DAB digital radio without an internet connection, and you'll be able to listen to UCB Inspirational on national DAB when it arrives in 2016. Some UCB TV content is also available without internet access through TBN UK on Freeview Channel 65 and Sky Channel 582. For more information, you can ring us on 0845 60 40 401.

What happened to UCB UK, UCB Inspirational & UCB Gospel?

As part of our work to develop UCB radio into a range of unique Christian music stations, we've changed their names to a simple numeric system. This change also helps to avoid the confusion sometimes caused by the previous names (for example, "UCB UK" is also the name of our organisation).

UCB UK is now UCB 1. UCB Inspirational is now UCB 2.