Have yourself a very real Christmas – stories of hope from a stable, on UCB 1 and UCB 2.

This Christmas, let’s be real. Let’s acknowledge that for all the sparkle and festivities, Christmas can be tough.

Let’s take time to remember we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

And let’s learn from the people who were there on the very first Christmas. People who – like us - experienced emotions like fear, anxiety and loneliness on their journey.

Mary, Joseph and the shepherds knew that the birth of Jesus Christ represented a brand new start, fresh hope and the promise of a new way of life.

UCB’s ministry wants as many people to experience this joy over the festive period by sharing God’s Word 24/7.

Thank you for considering giving a Christmas gift, to help UCB remind thousands of people the real meaning of Christmas.

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We can deliver life-changing content.
For UCB TV: filming amazing documentaries and testimonies, new shows and films like Cross Purposes, Facing the Canon, Jovis.
For UCB Radio: recording special programmes like our live broadcast from the Hillsong Summer Conference

We can broadcast live from some of the biggest Christian events in the UK, like Big Church Day Out, One Event, Hillsong Colour conference and Mission Worship.

We can impact lives like David's

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‘My parents were told that I would not live beyond twelve years of age – I am now fifty one! When I was a young child, a lady from my Mum’s church…prayed for me and laid hands on me and, after that, I gradually became stronger…until there is now absolutely no trace of the disease and I have been completely healed. Hallelujah!

I love to pray, and I even pray while I am driving to work…while listening to the breakfast show on UCB. I turn the songs up really loud, and as I am singing and praying and driving along…I am always reminded of the awesome gift of life that the Lord has given me, as I am living a life that I really should not be living (medically speaking).’!

Melissa. A UCB Listener.