A women with a mirror reflection behind her

Mirror Image

She can’t have been more than 17 years old – beautiful; the kind of beauty that doesn’t even need make-up to be stunning.

Neon Feather

Meet: Neon Feather

Tell us about your music, and how you’re a little bit different

A women carrying books with a backpack on her

Off to uni?

Heading to university this autumn? Wondering how you can grow and share your faith while you’re there?

women praying

Rest for the Rabbit-hearts

Anxiety and fear are issues that many of us end up facing at some point in our lives.


Through the Valley

How do you respond when you’re going through a difficult time?

Serving the Lord in the Middle East

Earlier this year, we were privileged to have Canon Andrew White, more commonly known as the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, visiting UCB.

Feed The Hungry

UCB and Feed the Hungry, working together

In 2018, UCB and Feed The Hungry are working together to help pack and provide thousands of meals for children in Zimbabwe.

Praying for Breakthrough

Praying for Breakthrough

Prayer is essential to our life. It fuels our relationship and deepens our intimacy with our heavenly Father. Imagine not speaking to a loved one or close friend.

Refreshed for reality - Paul Harcourt

Refreshed for reality

Why is it that life’s highs are so often followed by the deepest lows?